Since 2009, Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic have been creating award winning podcasts. 

Along the way, the most frequently asked question has been, "How do I start my own podcast"

A Shared Universe was created to help people answer that question.

Our Mission

We believe that everyone who has a passion, an opinion, a voice, a business or a universe should have a podcast. A Shared Universe PodcaStudio invites all aspiring and experienced podcasters to come and record in an exciting and inviting space geared specifically for Podcasting.

With over 20 years of combined experience recording award-winning shows, Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic will help you create, record, market, create and love your show. 

why you should start a podcast

Imagine getting together weekly with your friends to discuss the things that you love. Imagine sharing your opinions with the world. Imagine starting your own show on any topic you want with no restrictions on content, language, time limits or participants. Imagine doing this on your own schedule. 

All you need to do is bring your voice, your friends and your Universe. We do the rest.

Why your business should have a podcast

Podcasting is the newest and best way to digitally market your business. By recording a show focused on your products and services, you give your customers a great avenue to learn about what you do. This is done in a format which can be widely distributed via social media, e-mail, print and on your website and it is accessible on-demand from your users at any time. In comparison to other forms of advertising, podcasting with A Shared Universe costs a fraction of a traditional radio/tv/print ad and it lasts forever. 

Share your brand, your product, your service and your expertise with the world.

how do i start podcasting?

We offer podcasting classes for the complete beginner which will show you how to start your own podcast. These private classes for up to 4 people last for 2 hours and are taught my Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic. By the time you leave the class you will have learned about the ins and outs of podcasting and you will have recorded a 45min - 1 hour episode.


Ming Chen & Mike Zapcic’s “I Sell Comics” is one of the Top Ten Geek Podcasts You Should Check Out Now
— Huffington Post

What We do

  • Help all aspiring podcasters start their shows in a fun and amazing recording environment

  • Encourage experienced podcasters and inspire them make their current shows even better

  • Help all podcasters record a high quality podcast using some of the best recording equipment available

  • Help all podcasters get their shows online and listed on places such as iTunes and Soundcloud in a timely manner

  • Provide the means and expertise to record outside of the studio (home, office, business, bar, place, boat, car, etc) if it is desired

  • Create a fun and encouraging environment for everyone who records at the studio

  • Inspire collaboration between all podcasters in an effort to advance the medium

  • Initiate fun and exciting monthly podcasting events

  • Help all podcasters to market and advertise their podcasts

  • Promote podcasting as a fun and amazing activity

  • Welcome you into the world of podcasting

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